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Trailer Hitch Mounted Barbeque Pits

 If you are one of those weekend warriors who rolls your grill up into the back of your pickup for tailgate parties, camping trips or for family reunions, it might be time for you to consider another possibility: one of those great trailer hitch mounted barbeque pits. They are a convenient way to get your cooking gear to where you want to go without all the fuss of packing it up.

These trailer hitch mounted barbeque pits are a must-have for the backyard barbeque king (or queen!) who has heard time and again that his ribs could win contests, they are that good. In fact, if you do go to one of those big barbeque competitions, you might wonder if the contest is about the meat or the barbeque pit it is cooked on.

Trailer hitch mounted barbeque pits are the norm there. But just because the pros and the semi-pros have them doesn't mean you can't have one, too. If you are not willing to pony up the several thousand dollars for one of those professional trailer hitch mounted barbeque pits, you can always build one yourself. You can find plans online or in do-it-yourself guides at the bookstore or library.

Taking your barbeque on the road is great fun and a real crowd pleaser, too. At events where tailgating is the norm, there is always a little friendly competition and taking trailer hitch mounted barbeque pits along gives those who do a bit of a home field advantage. Barbequing on a real pit is inevitably superior to cooking on a grill, no matter what grill manufacturers advertise.

Whether you are barbequing at Lambeau Field or your daughter's Little League game, if barbeque is your passion, then having one of those trailer hitch mounted barbeque pits is the perfect way to show off your talents.

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