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Great Outdoor Grills Simple Ideas

There are times when great outdoor barbeque grills seems like a great idea, but all to often the reality of buying the food and drink, and doing all the cooking can certainly take the fun out of it.

But great outdoor barbeque grills don’t have to be tedious – and you don’t have to buy all the meat pre-prepared. Barbeques bring to mind freshly cooked food, so why not prepare some of the food yourself?

Something Fishy?

Fish dishes are a delightfully quick idea for making great outdoor barbeque grills. Whole fish are excellent stuffed and cooked in foil, and cook remarkably quickly – leaving you more time to entertain your guests and enjoy a nice cool drink. Trout is a good choice for this. The foil is necessary to stop the skin from sticking and burning to your grill.

 Prawns and scallops are perfect threaded onto skewers with chunks of mushroom, peppers and red onion. You can cook the fish plain or marinate it in any number of different sauces beforehand.

Great Outdoor Grills And The Meat

You’ve probably been to many barbeque grills where the burgers were the cheap frozen variety that oozed fat as they cooked. But it’s easier than you might think to make your own, and they taste even better cooked on great outdoor grills than by any other method.

Take some steak mince and mix it with a little crushed sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, a finely chopped onion, a clove of garlic (if desired) and a beaten egg to bind. Make into burger shapes to fit whatever size buns you like. Remember, the thicker the burger patty, the longer it will take to cook on great outdoor barbeque grills.

The golden rule to remember when cooking on great outdoor grills is to keep your homemade burgers fairly thin. This way they will cook through without burning on the outside.

If you fancy something a little different from the usual sausages, buy some thin sausages and wrap them in bacon marinated in barbeque sauce before cooking them. Streaky bacon cuts work best for this, as normal bacon has a tendency to burn and dry out on great outdoor barbeque grills. The fat in the streaky bacon will keep it moist and tasty.

To many people stay with what is comfortable and obvious when it comes to great outdoor grills. However with some simple creative thought you certainly can come up with a wide variety and selection of tasty recipes that are quick and easy to cook